Defense Gauge


The defense gauge is displayed on the upper left of the game screen in My Status Window. Each state represents stable, reduced, and dager states, which can be distinguished by the colors of the bar in the gauge.


The defense gauge has the following features.

1. It slowly rejuvenates over time. As the bar refills, the reduced defense effect is negated.

2. The defense gauge affects abilities buffed by talic upgrades and not to increases caused by the standard properties of armor.

3. The effects from talic upgrades are greatly influenced by the defense gauge, while defense increases through skill use, forces, and other accessories are not affected by the defense gauge.


Melee weapons (Knife, Sword, Mace, Axe, Spear)
Mace and Axe types are very effective in reducing the defense gauge of Warrior class armors. 
However, they are not effective against Force and Launcher type armors.
Spear and Sword types are similar to the Mace/Axe type. They are effective against Warrior class armors, and less effective against Force/Launcher type armors. However, the bonus/drawback is less than Mace/Axe types.  
  Knife type weapons deal the same damage to all armor types. As a result, the are less effective against Warrior class armors, but are the most effective melee weapon against Force and Launcher type armors.
Range Weapons

Range weapons reduce a great amount of defense gauge from Force and Launcher type armors. However, they are less effective against Warrior class armors.
Force attacks using Staff weapons deal significant amounts of damage to Warrior types but less against Force and Launcher type armors.

Attacks using Launcher type weapons deal equal damage regardless of armor type. They are similar to Knife type weapons.
Relationship between Armor and Weapon levels 
Shields held by Rangers will wear out at a uniform rate regardless of weapon type.
A weapon may not yield damage to a shield when its level is significantly lower than the shield.
Likewise, a weapon with a much higher level may cause a great deal of damage to the defense gauge.
Monster attacks are the same as knife attacks. When attacked by more than one monster, your defense gauge will go down regardless of the monster’s level.

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